Bge Right of Way Agreement


    When it comes to ensuring the reliability and safety of electric service, one of the most important components is the right of way agreement. This is an agreement between the electric company, such as Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), and property owners that allows the company to maintain and operate power lines on their land.

    In simple terms, a right of way agreement is a legal document that grants the electric company the right to access and maintain their power lines, poles, and other equipment that is located on private property. This is necessary to ensure that the power lines are safe, free from obstructions, and easily accessible for maintenance and repairs.

    BGE offers right of way agreements to property owners in order to ensure that the company can maintain and operate its power lines. These agreements typically include provisions for access to the property, maintenance of the power lines, and compensation for any damage caused to the property during maintenance or repair work.

    One important aspect of a right of way agreement is the compensation that is offered to property owners. BGE typically offers a lump sum payment for the grant of the right of way, as well as ongoing payments for maintenance and any other activities that may be required on the property.

    In addition to providing reliability and safety benefits for electric service, right of way agreements also have environmental benefits. By maintaining the power lines and equipment on private property, BGE is able to minimize the impact of power lines on the environment, including reducing the need to cut down trees in the area.

    Overall, a right of way agreement is a critical component of ensuring the safety and reliability of electric service, and is an important tool for the electric company to maintain and operate its power lines. If you are a property owner who has been approached by BGE for a right of way agreement, it is important to carefully review the agreement and understand its terms before signing.

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